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Thanks to our friends Austin and Kelly, over at Travellious, for their list of road trip essentials. Happy Road Tripping!

The open road

Usually all you need for a road trip is a car, a couple of friends, and a direction.  But sometimes your trips are a little more planned out,  you’ve got time to think about what you want to bring along.  When you’ve got that time, make sure you’ve got the goods you need to have fun, find your way there, and get there in one piece.

The Intangibles

1. A good navigator
Someone in the car needs to know how to read a map and/or have a good sense of direction.  I inherently trust my girlfriend Kelly to figure out where we need to go; without her, I’d probably take twice as long to get there.

2. A sense of adventure
Without the desire to have a little fun and do something different, a road trip is just a boring sea of blurred lines and livestock.  Go out and find something different to see, eat, or do.   Don’t be afraid of mistakes, sometimes the bad decisions make the best stories.

To Find Your Way

3. Maps & a Compass
Unless your navigator is omnipresent, they’re going to need some tools to do their job.  We like to have a broader map, as well as more detailed ones that allow for some off-highway travel.  Our new Google G1 phone has taken care of a lot of this for us.

Maintenance Necessities (Just In Case)

4. Jack, Tire Iron, Spare tire
A spare tire won’t cut it, you need the tools to put it on properly.  If you get a chance, practice using your jack so you don’t look clueless on the side of the road when bad luck strikes.

5. Gas Can
“Sure, we can make it a few more miles. There’s got to be a station around here somewhere…”  If you lose this bet with the fates, you’d be better off being able to get fuel back to your car without having to beg, borrow, or steal someone else’s.

6. Battery Jumper
Jumper cables will work, but what if nobody else is around?   I love having a portable jump starter battery in the trunk, you can jump your own car without having to wait for a good Samaritan to drive by.


7. Water & Extra Food (more than snacks)
If you’re planning on going anywhere with adverse weather, or anywhere remote, having a stash of extra water and food can be a lifesaver.  If nothing else, just stash some candy bars and beef jerky in the trunk, along with a day or two supply of water.  If you’ve managed to make it to the end of your trip without needing it, you can celebrate with a junk-food binge.

8.  First Aid Kit
You never know what might happen on the road, so keeping a little first-aid kit can make a huge difference.  You don’t need to be prepared for amputations, but putting together a good kit for most minor injuries is a great idea.


9. Ample Supply of Good Music
Now that you’re prepared for all the important, but boring, parts of a trip, you’ve got to make sure you’ll have some fun while you’re in the car.  A good selection of road-trip music is key; I personally love bringing along up-beat rock music, along with some pop music for singing along.  Hit the road and turn it up!

10. Cool Ass Sunglasses
Last, but certainly not least, you’ve got eyewear to consider.  I don’t care if you like trucker sunglasses, huge pink sunglasses, or thin wire framed glasses, you’ve got to have a pair that makes you look cool.  Don’t leave home without them.

Check out our interview featured on Travellious, a really great resource for those who love to travel.

“What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever been on? A few days, or maybe even a week? We managed to catch up with Kelsey and Tom, who are on a road trip spanning two continents. Despite the fact that they’re on a voyage of massive proportions, they’ve managed to create an excellent blog, Joydrive, where they share their experiences, photos, and funny stories from their trip. For more on them and their trip, check out our interview below….”

Thanks so much Austin and Kelly!

The holiday season has finally taken hold of me and I have to admit I have been thinking about Christmas at home, snow and the Boney M Christmas album (nothing feels more festive than disco Christmas songs).

Finding useful and cool gifts for people who love to travel can be a difficult task but, lucky for you, the Travellious team has put together a really amazing set of gift guides: one for the First Time Traveler, The Urban Traveler and, of course, one for The Backpacker. I couldn’t stop drooling over some of the items they have listed, especially those for the Urban Traveler. If anyone is wondering this is on my wishlist!

Happy Shopping!