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Mexico and Central America have an abundance of delicious and unique fruits.  As a person who could probably live off fruit, I have been happily stuffing my face with delectable tropical fruit like mangoes, tuna (not the fish–it is also known as prickly pear), pineapple, papaya and loads of other treats from good ol’ mother nature.

After a rather crazy fishing trip where I caught and ‘helped’ to reel in a 12 pound dorado, I was lucky enough to learn a very simple but tasty recipe for mango salsa — heavenly when served over freshly caught fish.  This simple salsa has worked its way into our meals whenever we find the ingredients and have a kitchen available.

Mango Salsa

  • 2 ripe mangoes cubed
  • 1 red pepper chopped
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup of fresh cilantro chopped
  • 1/2 to 1 whole serrano chile (add to taste and remember the seeds are the fire so remove them if you prefer just a little spice before chopping.  Make sure to wash your hands well after chopping up chilies, a little lime juice works wonders to remove remaining chili juice*)
    *if you make the mistake of touching your face with chili-laden hands a little plain yogurt can relieve the spicy sting.

Mix up ingredients in a glass bowl, chill and serve over fish, with chips, rice or whatever you please.

Try it on chicken and rice

Try it on chicken and rice

Stuck in cold Canada with no exotic fruit available?  Check out More than Mangos, a company dedicated to importing the best quality and freshest tropical fruit into Alberta and BC grown in locales like Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala. Here you can find and order some pretty amazing fruit and also check out their serious repetiore of recipes.  Say hi to Senor Fruit for me!

Mazatlan was great…actually I think it was so great because we had just spent 18 hours on a ferry from La Paz and cabin fever was setting in. After orienting ourselves and driving in a few circles we made our way to old Mazatlan and looked at a few hotels. Unfortunately the bed and breakfast we wanted to stay at was closed so we checked out a few other hotels in the area. They were pretty dingy and no one wanted to budge on the cost of sleeping in a dingy room. Tom and I decided that we needed to look around a bit more. On the road beside the Malecon we spotted a small sign for the Mazatlan Oceanfront Inn. Tom decided to stop and ran in for a look, I had already assumed it was out of our price range. Tom came out with a big grin and happily announced that we had a great place to stay within our budget. The Mazatlan Oceanfront Inn is definitely someplace we will return to.

Once settled in we spent our days doing the following:

  • Biking the streets of old Mazatlan
  • Drinking cucumber lemonade at Pura Vida…the best drinks ever. We had about 6 of them in 4 days.
  • We spent a morning (a good 5 hours) fishing for Dorado with Jim. We managed to catch three of them each between 12 -15 pounds. It was loads of fun but the best part was that I did not have to pee over the side of the boat as there was no bathroom on board! Thanks Jim!

Cabo to Mazatlan

After a fairly intense couple of months we wrapped up the design work and headed to Cabo to catch up on some sleep – which is pretty ironic because Cabo is a famous party town. We found this great little family run place just outside of the centre called The Bungalows B&B – If we were in Cabo again that’s where we would choose to stay. Great breakfasts and nice quiet rooms. Drank ‘Bull Dogs’ with Hilary and Andi from L.A. – Good On Ya Girls!

We headed around the coast and into La Paz for the night before taking the Ferry to Mazatlan, which all in took about 18 hours – lining up at 11pm, sailing at 3am and getting in around 5pm the next day. Fairly brutal but better than driving back up the through the Baja I reckon.