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Belize was a quick stop as it can get pretty expensive but we knew that we wanted to get some diving in. We found a place that would do a refresher course plus 2 more days diving for a reasonable price. The water was warm and the diving was sweet, we saw a turtle 100 feet down off the Ranguana Caye canyons.

Dwayne from Joy Tours was our guide – really cool guy and an awesome guide.
All the people we met in Belize were super friendly, the kids are unafraid and extremely well-mannered. Placencia had a very unspoiled vibe to it – real smiles and genuine greetings.

When we were not in the water we could be found:

  • Learning the basics of dominoes with some guys sitting by the dock
  • Listening to the lilting Creole spoken in the streets
  • Tom breaking out some dance moves with a lady in the grocery store, which had her erupt into gales and whoops of laughter.
  • Drinking Belizean Long Island Ice teas made with 9 kinds of rum while watching the blue Caribbean waters.
  • Drumming empty paint cans with some of the local kids.
  • Eating delicious home made treats by dive masters/chefs Simone and Herb of Danube restaurant

Next stop Guatemala for a couple weeks intensive language immersion… Yikes!

Boho Revolution

Sigh. I know that hippies will be around for always and that diversity is the spice of life. But how come whenever you go certain places there are those people who never leave and they adapt a weird type of uniform. It is just kind of cliché to me. For those of you who have been to Thailand you will have seen people with newly created dreadlocks, no shoes, fisherman pants and one too many Chinese character tattoos. I get it, you are young and want to be “free” and smell like patchouli for a few months. But my question is, would you dress like this at home?

Anyhow without further ado I give you the look of San Cristobal: The Boho Revolution. Marina Sirtis Boobs

Yep the Zapatistas meet bellydancer meet hippie/boho. Leg warmers, sandals, skirts over pants, shaved heads and a plethora of mullet mutations are part of the criteria.


Revolution in the streets

One of our favourite finds – The Baja Fish Taco is a definite must try. Rumored to be a Japanese take on the traditional taco, some people claim the fish taco was a fusion created by early Japanese fishermen. It’s hard to find authentic Baja style fish tacos anywhere else … even on the mainland. They cost around $1.25 each and you are expected to totally load your plate up with the additional salsas and veggies. Deep fried deliciousness.

Find out where the locals eat

Find out where the locals eat – they usually know better than the guidebooks.

Select your salsas – greens are usually hotter than reds

Select your salsas – greens are usually hotter than reds

Load up on the fixings – $2.50 lunch oohhh yeahhh!

Load up on the fixings – $2.50 lunch oohhh yeahhh!

Mazatlan was great…actually I think it was so great because we had just spent 18 hours on a ferry from La Paz and cabin fever was setting in. After orienting ourselves and driving in a few circles we made our way to old Mazatlan and looked at a few hotels. Unfortunately the bed and breakfast we wanted to stay at was closed so we checked out a few other hotels in the area. They were pretty dingy and no one wanted to budge on the cost of sleeping in a dingy room. Tom and I decided that we needed to look around a bit more. On the road beside the Malecon we spotted a small sign for the Mazatlan Oceanfront Inn. Tom decided to stop and ran in for a look, I had already assumed it was out of our price range. Tom came out with a big grin and happily announced that we had a great place to stay within our budget. The Mazatlan Oceanfront Inn is definitely someplace we will return to.

Once settled in we spent our days doing the following:

  • Biking the streets of old Mazatlan
  • Drinking cucumber lemonade at Pura Vida…the best drinks ever. We had about 6 of them in 4 days.
  • We spent a morning (a good 5 hours) fishing for Dorado with Jim. We managed to catch three of them each between 12 -15 pounds. It was loads of fun but the best part was that I did not have to pee over the side of the boat as there was no bathroom on board! Thanks Jim!

Todos Santos

Kelsey and I had brought some design work with us and needed to set up shop, we stayed here four about 5 months renting a small apartment from some great people who became good friends. If you need a place to stay we both highly recommend Casa Calera, I can’t say too many good things about the place or the people.

Todos Santos has some great waves, Los Cerritos is a fantastic little sand bottom beach for beginners and a few of the other breaks are world renown. We drove down to Cabo to buy some boards and found a reasonable deal at Costa Azul surf shop – wetsuits are expensive and hard to find.

The food in Todos Santos is also worth a mention, we were lucky enough to have Iker from Café Brown cook for us a couple of times – cactus salad and grilled chicken in an awesome date sauce. Other favorites were Pelon’s tacos and tortas, George’s fish tacos and the papas rellenas—a wicked stuffed potato with grilled beef, mushrooms, cheese, corn, and cream ooohhh yeaaah!