Off into the sunset…

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Published on: Jan 19, 2010 @ 12:06




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  1. Carl Hancock’s avatar

    If you will no longer be updating this site, do you guys have another blog where we can follow your non-Drive The Americas adventures?

  2. Michael’s avatar

    Thanks for the adventure. I for one enjoyed every moment and was a passenger in spirit for the entire ride!

  3. Andres’s avatar

    As I have said it here in previous postings…my family and I are completly amazed by your spirit and determination to get this trip done. Way to go!!! you know that you got a bed in Colombia any time you want to go back.

    I saw your postcard that you sent to Martica and Martha Isabel and they were thrilled and happy to know that you guys made it do the end of the road.

    Keep it up, don’t stop the beat and let us know what your next adventure would be.

    With kind regards,
    Andres, Belinda and the rest of the clan in Colombia.

  4. Krista’s avatar

    I think I may go into withdrawl without my weekly JoyDrive inspiration. I guess I’ll just have to reread some old entries now that our southern hemisphere travels draw nearer! Please keep us updated on your non-travel life too!

  5. Brian White’s avatar


    I’d like to do a Pan-American road trip this summer and need to buy a vehicle. My plan initially was to fly to Mexico City, buy an SUV, drive to Buenos Aires, and sell it there or ship it home. If someone doing the trip now would like to sell me their vehicle in South America, I’d be happy to agree to sell it back to them in the U.S. I can’t lease or rent it though because I believe ownership is an issue when crossing borders. Presumably a 3k+ mile trip through pot hole ridden Central America would depreciate the vehicle so we could discuss before hand simply selling it back for less than I bought it or paying for repairs or both.



  6. tomandkels’s avatar

    Hey all, thanks for the love and support during our trip – having you guys with us along the way made it all the more enjoyable.

    Carl, we are pondering writing another blog but at the moment are taking a wee break at the moment. Kels can be followed on twitter at:

    We will email people on our RSS feed once we set up another blog.

    Kels and Tom

  7. Stefan’s avatar

    Congratulations on making it to the end. Must have been a fabulous journey – one of a lifetime.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    What an awesome Sunday Drive! ;)