Buenos Aires – The Paris of South America

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Published on: Dec 3, 2009 @ 14:14






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  1. Andres’s avatar

    It doesn’t stop to impress me all the wounderful things that you two keep on doing on this journey.
    I’m so envious about your futbol match at the Monumental!!! Did you know that in Sep.5/1993, for the qualification of World Cup 1994, Colombia defeated Argentina 5-0 with Maradona in one of the stands having to get up and applaud our team in front of its 50,000 portenos. That was a great day!
    Can’t wait to hear more.
    We are off in two weeks today!!!

  2. tomandkels’s avatar

    Gosh Andres I don’t think anyone makes us feel as adventurous as you do! Yeah soccer in BA is awesome I have yet to decide which team I am going to adopt but I will. One of our cabbies was shocked when Tom told him that I played futbol…what is the deal why don’t women play?

    I am so jealous that you are off to Colombia – mmmmm all that food and deli fruit has my mouth watering!

  3. Carla’s avatar

    I love Buenos Aires, their views and landscapes… I fully recommend a company called BairesApartments if you want to stay a shor time in the city, they great apartments in buenos aires at cheap rates.

    Good luck!