Joyful Find: Kristin and Chris of The Darien Plan

Once in awhile, in a rare occasion some cosmic forces collide and by sheer coincidence you end up meeting some people who you know will be your friends for life. We were extremely fortunate to meet up with Kristin and Chris by chance in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and continued to meet up and hang out with them on our long driving adventure.

From Mexico to the end of the world we have managed to:

  • share ridiculously small spaces and not kill each other (5 weeks, 4 adults, 120 square feet and a cold shower
  • listen to the most amazing music mixes including Jolene and Dreadlock Holiday
  • ship cars from Central America to South America and have them arrive to the right port
  • deal with inane border bureaucracy smoothly
  • work the system to find the best accommodation deals
  • stumble through language issues with the locals (between 4 of us we managed)
  • survive unsafe handling of fireworks
  • sample as many wines as possible in South America
  • create the best website about driving the Americas
  • whine about what we miss from home
  • handle long blamming drives
  • laugh through every crazy and funny bit of it!

These two have made our trip all the more special and saying goodbye (only for now) was pretty sad but all of us know we will meet up again soon…Carnaval 2011 we hope!

Some delightful pics of our amigos we like to call “Los Rubios” (the blonde ones).

Who the hell is Vesper?

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  1. Andres’s avatar

    Awesome pics, as always! Love the bus pick. where was that taken? Salvador?
    Saw the firework campground video… nice!!! I shall do that in Colombia when I get there.
    cheers from the North Pole.