Joyful Find: Hilana Wool Jacket

When we were in Otavalo, a short drive south of the Colombian border, I spotted a wool shop that I wanted to check out and then promptly forgot the following day.  Fate must have been thinking that I was in need of a new jacket because Casa Helbling, the hostel we stayed at in Quito, was directly across from the exact same store, Hilana.  Not only do they sell beautiful wool, they make a well-designed selection of wool jackets, slippers, scarves, mittens and much more.  I believe the designer is French but all the materials are sourced from Ecuador.

It was actually Tom who spotted this jacket and suggested I try it on.  The sleeves were a tiny bit short but with a bit of chatting the lady at the shop managed to get the sleeves lengthened in 24 hours.  And I came away with a custom tailored, 100% wool jacket and a couple of skeins of lovely Ecuadorian yarn for $60 USD.

Jacket from Hilana

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  1. Austin’s avatar

    Man, that is a NICE coat. I’m supremely jealous, i’ve got a weak spot for wool coats.

  2. kristen’s avatar

    does she take orders? WOW!

  3. bt’s avatar

    Come on!!!! It’s lovely! And I want one!

  4. kels’s avatar

    Austin – They do make guys coats as well….

    Kristen – I am not sure however if we drive back or get back there I can take orders ;)

    Bt – Like I said to Kristen, if I am back I will let you know!

  5. Torry’s avatar

    I love it!