Whale watching and Penguin walking

After reaching our destination of Ushuaia we saddled up for the long drive back to Buenos Aires.  The landscapes are pretty much the same up the Atlantic coast – mostly large estancias in the empty pampas.  We motored along heading to Punta Tombo, home to the largest colony of Magellanic Penguins in South America and who doesn’t like penguins?

Penguin Walking

We cruised into the park around 5pm and after buying our tickets priced at three times what Argentine nationals paid we wandered into the reserve. Minutes into our walk we started to spy our cute tuxedoed amigos.  One lone little guy even hopped up onto the bridge to say hello and we spent about 15 minutes up close and personal with a very forward and curious penguin.

Our drive up the coast then took us to Puerto Madryn where we were lucky to catch the Southern Right Whales that come to Argentina’s coast to have their babies and teach them how to swim in a safe environment. Driving down to the nearby beaches we were happy to find the whales hanging out and playing at both Playa El Doradillo and Punta Flecha.

Penguins and Whales from Kels M on Vimeo.

I was rather taken by the whales and wanted to have a closer look so we cruised about 35km up the coast to Peninsula Valdez – a marine animal sanctuary.  Puerto Piramides offers boats tours to see the whales and we hopped on a sunset cruise, perhaps we were just lucky but we ended up with an awesome day, capped off with a blazing fiery sunset.

A Whale of a Tail

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  1. Krista’s avatar

    Awww, so cute! I love the little guys in tuxedos. Isn’t the whale watching so amazing. We weren’t lucky enough to have an amazing sunset like that, but nonetheless it was an awesome experience. Have fun in Buenos Aires!

  2. lu’s avatar

    that photo is phenomenal! sounds like such an incredible experience.

  3. Andres’s avatar

    simply amazing! that whale photo with the fiery sunset makes a perfect National Geographic cover!

  4. Trisha Miller’s avatar

    Wow. Wow. Wow. AMAZING photos – loved the video – those penguins are SO cute!!