Drive around the world…

The other day our road trip hit 40,000 kilometers which is the circumference of the earth at the equator. I think when we get to Ushuaia we’ll be nearer to 50,000 and Marlin, our trusty little VW Golf, will earn his final flag driving the Pan American Highway to South America.


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  1. Seth Allan Ames’s avatar

    Now what in the world will you do with MARLIN?

  2. Andres Herrera’s avatar

    Hola Kelsey and Tom,
    Congrats on that amazing record! You know that many people would love to do what you have done but have not done it because of many fears, well let me tell you, I have the biggest level of respect because to me, you guys are fearless!

    Way to go and keep traveling this wonderful planet.

    Best regards and keep this blog kicking!
    Love always!

  3. Valeria Casaverde’s avatar

    Hi, I´m Val from Casaverde, Where are you right now?? I met Chris & Chris also from Canada, they will meet you in Buenos Aires, unfortunately, we could not receive them as the hostel is taken by a welsh group!!
    Have a nice trip!!

  4. Miryam Damele’s avatar

    Hello, how great to read you guys. I am an Argentinian woman living in Canada for about ten years (Calgary ) For few years now I have being thinking about going to Buenos Aires driving but I can not make my mind about how dangerous would be to co across Colombia or if is even possible.
    I would love to hear from you guys…( mostly everything ) I am going to Thailand on Dec. I am planning on making this Canada-Argentina trip Nov. 2010. If you can help, that would be awesome. If you can’t contact me, I wish you the very best and keep enjoying life to the fullest…!!


  5. mikey and elsa’s avatar

    congrats tom and kelsey and i better not forget marlyn!!

    fair play guys you must have some amazing stories, met some wonderful, people and seen and learned so much of different cultures!!
    i really cant wait till we get there and fingers crossed my litle tuk tuk idea will finally come true!!
    best of luck guys and will defo keep in contact with you guys!!