Joyful Find: Passionfruit Tic Tacs

Maracuya Tic Tacs


I can eat a whole box of these in about five minutes flat. Tom tells me I have to savour the flavour by sucking instead of chewing but tic tac etiquette be damned.

These tasty Passionfruit flavoured Tic Tacs can be found in both Colombia (maracuya) and Brazil (maracuja), they have a soury-sweet flavour that makes them instantly addictive and they also claim to have vitamin C so they are undoubtedly good for you.  These treats are great to have kicking around when you are on the road with nothing to eat… having more than one box helps… I buy five at a time.


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  1. Andres’s avatar

    ahhh…how refreshing is to see Tic Tac -Maracuya flavour- on your diary. Would love to come down to spend winter time in Rio! How is your Portuguese after your time in Brasil? managed to pick some? did it confuse you with the Spanish that you have picked along the way? Save some of those tic tacs for the road.
    We miss you in Calgary and my family in Colombia still asks about you two.

    Hablamos pronto!

  2. kels’s avatar

    I am in love with maracuya! Seriously it is the tastiest thing ever. Portuguese just messed us up a bit – but we made ourselves understood. However we are happy to be back in Spanish-speaking countries at the moment.

    We miss you all too, when are you headed to Colombia? And I know, I need to email the Martas and your Dad.

  3. Andres’s avatar

    We are heading to Colombia on Dec. 17 and comeback a month later. We are already planning some of the trips. We are heading to Mariela’s farm for Christmas and to San Andres Island for New Year’s. We will be back to visit Martica in the new year for few days and then off to Cartagena and Santa Marta.
    Can’t wait to read more entries….
    Say hello to Tom!
    Nos hablamos luego y saludos!