A definition of Transitable

Concerned about which way to enter Brazil we started asking all the Bolivians we came into contact with what the roads to Paraguay (option 1 to get to Brazil) or to the Bolivian / Brazilian border (option 2) were like.  The response was that the roads were good but that the road to the Brazilian border was better than the one into Paraguay.  Perfect, now we knew which road to take.  We continued asking around and when we were about to leave Sucre we asked our lovely hostel owner if the road was really ok…

Si, she replied, si es transitable.

So we headed east.

The road from Sucre to Saimaipata was bad, the road from Samaipata to Santa Cruz was worse and the road from Santa Cruz to San Jose de Chiquitos …. oh lordy, it was the most excruciatingly painful road we have driven in this ENTIRE trip.

Transitable = a bone-jarring 10 hour drive to go 250 km, frustration,  no gas stations, instantaneous irritability (the kind when someone talks and you immediately get angry for no apparent reason, it’s just that they have spoken…to you), thoughts of calling the whole trip off, borderline breakdown tears (me not Tom) and to top it all off we watched a semi fall over right before our eyes.

It truly was an exercise in patience as well as a huge test for us as a couple, which we passed since both of us are still living and we have decided not to go our separate ways after being trapped in the car together for probably the longest 10 hours of our married life.

Semi down on Joydrive's worst road ever

Semi down on Joydrive's worst road ever

For more about driving in Bolivia (and it’s awesome roads) as well as other tips about driving the Americas click here.

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  1. kristen’s avatar

    That paragraph before the picture (“It truly…”) is so well written that I can just feel it…I love it.
    Glad you made it through without dying or divorce!

  2. kels’s avatar

    Hi Kristen,

    Thanks so much… wow you really made my day, I wasn’t sure if I could explain how horrible and stressful that drive was. We survived but I cannot say we will be driving in Bolivia again any time soon!

  3. Rafael’s avatar

    Hi there!

    I’m Rafael, we’ve met in Itamambuca…

    Are you fine? Have already arrived in Floripa? I hope so…

    When will you post things from Brazil?

    Take care and remember, anything you might need in Brazil or Argentina, just ask and I’ll see what I can do for you.

    Enjoy the trip…


  4. Kelly’s avatar

    Oh no, THAT definitely requires patience. You must have been predicting the future when we were chatting about that last week. ;)

  5. Matt Whitehead’s avatar

    Hey great work on being recognised as finalists for the blog awards.

    It was cool to see that the Bolivian roads kept you honest, when we were there we were taking night busses and there wasn’t a whole lot of sleep had.

    Look after each other and see you in a few months for a beer.

  6. tom’s avatar

    Looking forward to it – a beer and some aged Cheddar cheese … oh Yeaah!

  7. tom’s avatar

    Hey Rafael – great to meet you guys, and also to sample your sweet cuisine.

    Kels made the strawberries dipped in hot chocolate syrup a couple days ago.