Driving Peru’s Northern Coast


The Pan-American in Peru is in relatively good condition, not too may potholes and it it’s actually paved, but the oddest thing about the drive was the desolate and eerie landscape.  Perhaps it had to do with the lack of sun, it was overcast the whole time we drove, it felt like driving in a twilight zone version of Egypt.  Miles of sand lined the highway with rough-hewn hills dotting the background and very few vehicles on the road… very otherworldly.


The Peruvians have made the most of this odd landscape turning it into a tourist attraction at Huacachina, a small oasis in the midst of miles of sandy dunes.  Here you can experience this unusual setting in the back of a dune buggy or, for the more athletic, try your hand at sandboarding.  Needing a break from the drive we decided to go for both.  Little did we know how hard sandboarding actually is!

Sandy times in Peru from Kels M on Vimeo.

(Vimeo has been having some issues as of late, please allow video to fully load before playing.)

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