Joyful Find: Clos


Clos … I like to give it a slightly Germanic drawl so it sounds like house. We first heard about Concha Y Toro wines from Luisa, a retired dancer from New York, who put us up in Mexico City – ‘you can get a decent bottle of red for six bucks’.

Living by the beach and watching our budget at Bob’s place in Costa Rica we found the Concha Y Toro line again, this time as Clos de Pirque and in a one-litre tetra pack … travel friendly! Clos also made a solid showing in Mancora, Peru when we hung out with Al for a few days waiting for the swell.

Al did get in touch with us after we left Mancora…  “By the way I met a German guy who told me Clos in German is slang for toilet (bog, shitter, dunnie) you get the picture. Still enjoying the odd glass though.” And while it’s not winning any wine awards it has to be said that Clos is a real backpacker favorite, this resealable, nonbreakable and fairly drinkable gem will only set you back about 3 dollars.

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  1. Al Hodgson’s avatar

    Hi guys, I hope all is well !
    Although I have been down in the south of France for the last couple of months, where the wine is excellent and cheap, Clos will always hold a place my heart.
    This is my new email address by the way, as I was ‘phised’ had my identity nicked. Bloody nightmare !
    Send me your email addresses and I will drop you a line.

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