Hello South America!

So I have to say that although I loved the sailing I was pretty happy to be on dry land again after a fairly rough couple of days in the open water – some of the bigger waves going right over the top of the boat… not really my cup of tea, kind of dashed my romantic notions of sailing round the world.

Old City Cartagena

We spent some time hanging out in Cartagena waiting for the car to arrive. Founded in 1533 Cartagena became the main Spanish port on the Caribbean coast, treasure plundered from the indigenous peoples was held there until the galleons could ship it back to Spain. In response to numerous pirate attacks the Spanish constructed a massive wall that encircled the town and helped the port withstand many sieges.

Best Juice Ever

I think the old part of town has to be the most beautiful city we’ve seen so far, apparently it is one of the finest surviving examples of 16th and 17th century Spanish architecture and it remains relatively untouched since it’s construction. Narrow cobbled streets and stone arches with funny wooden balconies perched above. Rambling bougainvillea and palms and hidden courtyards and spontaneous dancing in the streets. The people are very friendly and Kelsey is in fruit heaven – her latest infatuation is the maracuya (passion fruit) juice… she had three in one day!

Dancing in the Streets from Kels M on Vimeo.

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  1. lu’s avatar

    passion fruit juice is my favourite! and it is also great to scoop their seeds out and put on top of a fruit salad for more fruity deliciousness.

  2. Eddie’s avatar

    Dudes, it looks like you’re getting way too much sun! I am concerned, but more so, I am jealous. Diggin’ the pics and video. Go carefully.


  3. Kristin’s avatar

    Oooh – you guys I love your new Colombia header. Miss you!

  4. Andres’s avatar

    Hi guys,
    though of droping a line. Got your message, I’m thrilled you are heading to Cali and spend time with my folks there and my good friend, Pipe.
    Can’t wait to see some of the photos and hear more of your stories.
    Will chat later,

  5. tomandkels’s avatar

    Andres – Thanks again for the family connections, it is really cool to get to meet your family and see Colombia with them. We know we are waaaaaay late on posting all our pictures and stuff, they should be up shortly. We just love Colombia so much we don´t have time to write!

  6. kels’s avatar

    Lu! I just want to drink passionfruit juice everyday for the rest of my life..maracuya addicted.

    Ed (aka Mira) Perhaps you and the Mrs. Mira need to come visit us.