Caribbean Locals

Wanting to take a boat tour to Tortuguero we headed to Cahuita on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, unfortunately for us we rolled into to town to find it had been pouring rain on and off for days making it less than pleasant ‘boating’ weather.

Deciding against spending too much money on a rainy boat trip and running the risk of not seeing any creatures (saving our dollars for an Amazon tour in South America) we set off on an 8km hike through Parque Nacional Cahuita.

This small park (1,100 ha) is one of Costa Rica’s most visited parks. Located right next to the sea this hike is well worth it.  You can start at the Kelly Creek ranger station where you pay by donation to enter the park.  From there a lovely wander takes you through white-sand beaches and lush jungle where you are guaranteed to see all sorts of wildlife… we loved the little leaf cutters but we’re not so keen on the ones that bite.

Leaf Cutter Ants from Kels M on Vimeo.

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  1. john furniss’s avatar

    you folks sure are getting round. keep up the commentary, i am enjoying following you. cheers john

  2. andrew waterman’s avatar

    Great to see your video of the leaf cutter plants in that park! I was there in 1998, loved Cahuita. Are the streets still made out of Sand?

    I remember a “dancehall” in town where the locals taught me how to play dominoes and we hung out in the rain, drinking old rum.

  3. nomadicmatt’s avatar

    EVERYONE seems to be in costa rica lately. I need to get back there. You all have made me miss it.

  4. Adriana’s avatar

    great pics! despite the rain, what a cool hike! ;)

  5. kels’s avatar

    Andrew– Glad you liked the vid, we were amazed by how focussed the ants were on the task at hand…nature is pretty crazy.

    The streets were sand??? No they are gravel, pot-hole filled and erratic though the main street is now paved (sort-of).

    Nomadicmatt– I heard flights are getting cheaper…but you could drive down too ;)

    Adriana– It was loads of fun for sure though hiking in the rain in flip flops is not recommended!

  6. ummmmheyyyy’s avatar

    We sure don’t see any of that in New England. National parks are highly underrated! Lucky!

  7. ummmmheyyyy’s avatar

    & those ants must take steroids…it’s shameful, I tell you

  8. kels’s avatar

    Ummmmheyyyy — Our parks in Canada don’t have crazy critters either. It was pretty wild to see them all so close up. And yeah Tom and I really dig the leafcutters, they are so industrious.