The Lazy Monkey

Five river crossings south of Playa Negra Kelsey caught and rode her first real wave. It was blowing offshore and the swell was holding up a long time before breaking. I looked out to see Kels lining up a real beauty, a big left-hander, and her timing looked about right. I paddled over the top of it just as she was taking the drop and looked back to see her screaming down the face of the wave. It was real sweet—that ride took six months of repeated punishment and the smile lasted for days.

We camped in Guiones, Nosara for a couple more nights before heading to the Caribbean side. Got horribly lost in the tangle of San Jose after missing what turned out to be a crucial yet poorly signed turn off to Heredia. Everyone we asked said we were going in the right direction despite the fact that we were in fact driving in circles. We were saved by a man in a furniture truck who took the time to lead us through a maze of back roads and we both vowed to do the same if we get the chance.

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is strikingly different from the rest of the country. Steaming jungle with abundantly rich wildlife line the Caribbean coast. We were lucky enough to see this guy, hanging out in front of our cabina—a two toed Sloth or Mono Perisoso, the lazy monkey. Leaves are the Sloths main food source but because they are low in nutrition, provide little energy and are slow to breakdown (sometimes the digestion process can take up to a month) the Sloth has to maintain a pretty laid back lifestyle—apparently they only climb down once a week do their ‘business’.

Sloth in Puerto Viejo from Kels M on Vimeo.

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