A Year on The Road

So it’s been one year, twenty thousand kilometers, eight countries and one hundred malarial pills since we left Calgary last February in that -21º snow storm. We put together a little slideshow of our trip highlights to date.

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  1. bhagvati’s avatar

    you guys rock!

  2. tom’s avatar

    Hey 5/8 … The ventricles in the heart reset themselves at the golden ratio point in the hearts rhythmic cycle.

  3. Kristen’s avatar


    (and i think it is about -21 in calgary today as well)

  4. kels’s avatar

    Ugh -21. Cannot say we are missing the cold ;)

  5. bt’s avatar

    nice you guys – looks freakin’ fantastic. could you look like you’re having a better time? enjoying your blog – keep going so i can live vicariously through you til my kids are old enough for me to get on some long road trip & learn to surf. right.
    had lunch with yoli, rox, torry & deana the other day (with a million babies in tow), and we were all talkin about you – and wondering how long you’re gonna keep this up! by the way kels – did you pick up a few of those rose rings? could be a great replacement for the brooch.

  6. kels’s avatar

    Ahhh BT, so great to hear from you! As for keeping this madness up we are only half way there so, you know, probably another year or so…or more. We are pretty sure we will be washing dishes at the bottom of South America and staying in grungy hostels at the end but at least we will have a pretty cool trip under our belts…then it will just be a matter of figuring out how the heck we are going to get home…could be a LOT of cleaned dishes.

    How are all the ladies of CED? And yourself? I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a brooch that trumps the other one but alas so far there has been nothing that compares. Fear not, I still have a whole continent to search through so don’t be surprised when I ask for your mailing address ;)

  7. Diana’s avatar

    Kels and Tom,
    I can’t believe that you have been on the road for 1 year. That is amazing. I love reading your blog, it makes me want to travel again!! Komie and are looking into some volunteering somewhere in Central America for the month of June – any ideas on which country?
    Anyways, hope you guys are fantastic and talk to you soon!

    I’m sending this again bc I accidentally put in the wrong email address, not sure if that matters,but just making sure.

  8. Eddie’s avatar

    Those are some great photos, very talented photographers/videographers.

    I was a bit shocked to see the size of the waves you guys braved, especially you Kels.

    Thanks for sharing. Miss you guys.


  9. kels’s avatar


    Those waves were rather large eh? Tom is a pro but I get freaked out all the time and have to talk myself through it.

    We miss you too.

  10. holly’s avatar

    Kels – your pics are so awesome! i’m so jealous of your guys’ trip. I think i’m gonna head to austalia in the fall with my bro so maybe i’ll get to try some surfing then!

  11. kels’s avatar

    Hey Holls!

    Long time no see…I did not even know you were reading this! Don’t be jealous come visit us…Oz is super nice I have only been for a few days but I loved it. If you head there let me know I have really good friends in Sydney who could show you around.

    PS surfing is hard but really fun once you get the hang of it!