Joydrive’s Interview on Travellious

Check out our interview featured on Travellious, a really great resource for those who love to travel.

“What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever been on? A few days, or maybe even a week? We managed to catch up with Kelsey and Tom, who are on a road trip spanning two continents. Despite the fact that they’re on a voyage of massive proportions, they’ve managed to create an excellent blog, Joydrive, where they share their experiences, photos, and funny stories from their trip. For more on them and their trip, check out our interview below….”

Thanks so much Austin and Kelly!

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  1. Arjewtino’s avatar

    Hey guys, found you through Travellious and I love your blog, your trip, your photos, everything! You also seem to be in the middle of experiencing everything my girlfriend and I did last summer in Costa Rica, including Playa Negra and Puerto Viejo, as well as Guatemala (which we did in 2007).

    I love seeing photos of places I’ve been and remember fondly as well as photos of new places I can’t wait to visit.

    Consider me a new regular reader!

  2. kels’s avatar

    Hi Arjewtino!

    Thanks for stopping by and for saying all that nice stuff about our little blog. Playa Negra is awesome…we are having problems leaving, the living is just too easy. How long where you two in CR for and how did you like Guatemala?

    Thanks again and stayed tuned for more posts coming soon.