The Rich Coast


We’re staying at Playa Negra in a sweet little cabina on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. It’s offshore here almost all of the time and we’ve had a couple of days of good surfing—we’re waiting on a big south westerly swell coming up from New Zealand that should hit here midweek. So while the waves are small we’re going to try our luck at spear fishing with some home made Hawaiian Slings. Yesterday we bought some lengths of 1/2″ aluminium tube and some spear tips, attached some bungee cords and we now have a couple of formidable looking slings …  heading out today, so we’ll see how it goes.

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    Sounds like the perfect locale! My dad is heading down to Costa Rica in a few months for a surf trip. Here’s hoping he’s got a nice swell rolling in when he arrives.


    Stefan from

  3. tom’s avatar

    Yeah, we love the Nicoya Peninsula – we were here about three and a half years ago down in Mal Pais for our honeymoon. It’s a beautiful place, clear blue warm water, good surf, friendly locals and sweet environmental policies … what’s not to like! The surf season starts proper in a couple of months so I think there will be lots of surf.