Joyful Find: Te Chirrepeco

Te Chirrepeco

As a lover of tea (especially chai), I was pretty ecstatic when Krista mentioned a cinnamon tea grown on a local cooperative in Guatemala. At her suggestion I asked our lovely host mom, Sonia, if she might be able to tell me where to buy Te Chirrepeco, and she was quick to tell me that she would buy and prepare it for Tom and I. I tried my best to dissuade her from actually buying the tea but she refused to listen—and every morning till the day we left there was piping hot cinnamony-goodness waiting for us!

This little box makes twelve cups of tea and costs about twenty cents. All that’s required is to boil some water with a few cinnamon sticks, add a few leaves and let it steep for a while. Not only does it taste amazing but, according to the cooperative website, some of the health properties include:

1. Strengthens mental capacity
2. Increases energy
3. It eliminates the bodies absorption of heavy metals like lead and mercury
4. Helps to reduce cholesterol levels
5. Contributes to the decrease in uric acid and much more

It is an absolutely divine tea and great for cold mornings in Xela. If you are interested if buying some I believe you should be able to order it here.

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  1. Adriana’s avatar

    What a great blog and what an amazing trip!
    It’s my new bookmark add! ;)
    just wanted to know – how did you guys find host families to stay at? do you also stay in hotels/hostels?
    happy travels!

  2. kels’s avatar

    Hi Adriana,

    Glad you like the blog and thanks for adding us to your bookmarks! We are always excited to hear that people get a kick out of our adventure.

    We found host families through the schools that we studied at, most of the Spanish schools have a group of trusted families that they pair students up with. It is a great way to make use of what you are learning though it can be pretty stressful the first few days. Are you thinking of heading off to study?

    We sure do stay in hotels and hostels…usually a mix of both though we prefer to try and find less known places to stay. We really enjoy getting to know the people we stay with.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. deana’s avatar

    tried to order this tea with no luck whatsoever..any help fpr me out there?