Bribery and Corruption

After Honduras, importing a car into Nicaragua was a breeze, After the border though we were stopped by the police four or five times in about two hours, all trying to catch us out on the old …and where is your fire extinguisher and safety triangle trick. Fortunately for us Kels had read up and we were prepared. It was kind of fun, I had restrain myself from including the finger when presenting our safety triangle.

But when I was caught not wearing my seat belt after digging for a map in the back it was all over – these guys make up their own infractions, so in that moment of not wearing my seat belt I had stupidly given the friendly Nicaraguan policeman a free ticket. I still haven’t quite managed to shake the remnants of the ‘gringo pressed for time’ attitude, even after nearly a year on the road, and he could smell it and I knew he had me – all our initial banter was just a tired façade. So while were being passed by truck loads of people and by families of threes and fours on motorbikes I gave him ten US dollars to look the other way and just like that my hopes of completing the drive without greasing the wheels of corruption were dashed.

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