Joyful Find: Organic Cotton Bag by Lento

One of the reason for Joyful Finds is to try and discover items different from the typical tourist paraphernalia…really one can only buy so many beaded necklaces. While in San Marcos I noticed some scarves made by a company called Lento, I admired them but decided not to buy one. Then, in Antigua, I stumbled across the Lento store so we stopped in to check it out.

Created by a group of Italian women in collaboration with a group of Mayan women, the Lento products are coloured using Mayan dyeing techniques. The 100% natural dyes are sourced from plants found in the Lago Atitlan area.

I decided to make a purchase right around Christmas time and chose this lovely grey bag. It even fits my Digital SLR so I don’t have to carry around my geeky camera bag!

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  1. Jenny’s avatar

    OMG! This is so cute! DO they have it in white or red?

  2. kels’s avatar

    Hi Jenny,

    I know! This is such a great bag…I had a look back at their site and I think it might come in white (or close to) but no red. I think it might be difficult to get a true red out of natural dyes…

    If you are interested you can contact them here:

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Emily’s avatar

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    Good luck!

  4. kels’s avatar

    Hi Emily,

    Thank you so much for the offer…we’d love to meet you guys and talk more about your trip and compare notes and all.

    How long have you lived in Ecuador? And I see your husband (?) is a graphic designer…Tom is too so I am sure they will have a lot to talk about.

    Thanks for dropping by!