All I want for Christmas…

The holiday season has finally taken hold of me and I have to admit I have been thinking about Christmas at home, snow and the Boney M Christmas album (nothing feels more festive than disco Christmas songs).

Finding useful and cool gifts for people who love to travel can be a difficult task but, lucky for you, the Travellious team has put together a really amazing set of gift guides: one for the First Time Traveler, The Urban Traveler and, of course, one for The Backpacker. I couldn’t stop drooling over some of the items they have listed, especially those for the Urban Traveler. If anyone is wondering this is on my wishlist!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Kait’s avatar

    Boney M….my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Charles Oberkehr’s avatar

    That’s not a bad gift for the second time traveler either

  3. kels’s avatar

    Kait – Who doesn’t like Boney M?

    Charles – True, I think that all of the items they have chosen here are great gifts.