Xela’s Superchivos

Xela happens to be home to the craziest soccer fans in all of Guatemala, or so they say. Keen to check out a soccer game in Central America we attended two games in the last few weeks and enjoyed them immensely.

Of course we wore the team colours!

The best part was sitting in the La Curva Diabla (The Devil’s Curve)–where the serious aficionados (fans) reside. A brass band, drums and a sea of red jerseys help support the Xela-Ju Superchivos (Super Rams). Add in a tonne of swear words and offensive (yet really funny) cheers, an element of danger and you find yourself in the midst of football madness. And since sport fans can get out of hand the on-site crowd control in Xela consists of military soldiers and riot police on the field!

Xela-Ju’s Superchivos! from Kels M on Vimeo.

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  1. Krista & Ben’s avatar

    Hey! We’re so jealous! The game looked so fun! When are you guys leaving Xela? Want to stick around until mid-January when we’re coming back? We’re back in Denver, freezing our buns off and really missing Guatemala….even Xela, air pollution and all!

  2. kels’s avatar

    It was super fun but those fireworks in the crowds were a bit scary at times! We are leaving tomorrow for Antigua and then we are headed to El Salvador to get warm, we have had enough cold weather.

    When are you guys returning?

  3. Shawn’s avatar

    Great video!! I can here Tom at the end of the video shouting “Go On”. I miss that watching Hockey. Glad to see you guys enjoying the Beautiful Game.

    It’s cold here too. -40 with the wind chill, I laugh until -50 then i stay home ;)

  4. Cynthia’s avatar

    sounds like fun– not! hehehe I couldn’t help noticing that you were wearing toques… was it cold there? Big dump of snow here on Vancouver Island North so it is believable that anywhere else on the planet could also be cold. I don’t believe in Global Warming– don’t see any evidence of it here today…;D

    All the best!

  5. kristen’s avatar

    wow. that is intense!

  6. kels’s avatar

    Shawn – You would have loved it…cheers, swearing and loads of fireworks being set off in the crowd…dangerous but really fun at the same time. Wish you were there with us.

    Cynthia – Toques! Good Canadian word..when I call them that people have no idea what I am talking about. Yes, it is a little bit cold in Xela, mostly in the evenings. It seemed a good way to stay warm and support the team.

    Kristen – Yep, it sure was ;)