New Zealand Butter in Guatemala!

Ahh… the taste of home, it’s been a few years. No doubt there’s probably some completely justified North American trade agreements protecting their dairy industry, but when it comes to the fat of the land I’m obliged to get my own flag out.

I was extolling the virtues of butter before it was unfashionable and a devoted supporter through the tough times, the ‘marge’ years, so when studies fell in favour of butter fairly recently I felt somewhat vindicated.

Imagine my joy to find good old New Zealand butter sold in the smallest of shops in Guatemala. Good on ya Anchor! …’it tastes a lot better with a little [nz] butter’.

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  1. lu’s avatar

    dude! anchor must have some amazing international marketing department because i used to LIVE off of anchor white cheddar when i was in kenya. it was sort of like crack, but better when the local cheeses left a lot to be desired!

  2. Jenny’s avatar

    I love anchor butter. I’ve had it since I was a kid! Mmmmmmmm!

  3. Kristin’s avatar

    Tom – we’re in the random slightly scruffy town of Rio Dulce and they even have Anchor brand dairy at our campground/hotel’s store. What is the New Zealand-Guatemala connection?

  4. kels’s avatar

    Lu – I have no idea why NZ butter has managed to market itself in all these places…so weird but tasty!

    Jenny – You and Tom make a pair then because he is absolutely in love (enchanted one might say) with butter!

    Kristin – Tom will have to research this and let you know.