The Baja Fish Taco

One of our favourite finds – The Baja Fish Taco is a definite must try. Rumored to be a Japanese take on the traditional taco, some people claim the fish taco was a fusion created by early Japanese fishermen. It’s hard to find authentic Baja style fish tacos anywhere else … even on the mainland. They cost around $1.25 each and you are expected to totally load your plate up with the additional salsas and veggies. Deep fried deliciousness.

Find out where the locals eat

Find out where the locals eat – they usually know better than the guidebooks.

Select your salsas – greens are usually hotter than reds

Select your salsas – greens are usually hotter than reds

Load up on the fixings – $2.50 lunch oohhh yeahhh!

Load up on the fixings – $2.50 lunch oohhh yeahhh!

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  1. Peter Christopher’s avatar

    fish taco with guacamole, reminds me of my one time in Mexico just south of tijuana, boy they were delicious! p.s. this is a fantastic blog! keep it up.

  2. Tom’s avatar

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the comment … Our first ever!

    It’s taken us a little while to get our blog up and running, we’ve been driving a fair bit and find ourselves with only snatches of time to work on it – but we’ll get it together shortly and it’ll be easier once we get the page header imagery sorted out and locked down.

    … so the Fish Taco, we’re kind of kicking ourselves for not over indulging when they were available, we can’t seem to find them quite the same as we remember them in the Baja. The papas rellanas were another Baja favourite of mine a wicked stuffed potato served on a kind of aluminum pie plate with grilled beef, mushrooms, cheese, corn and topped with cream – these also seem to be hard to find outside the Baja.

    Thanks again for visiting our site,



  3. Elise’s avatar

    Hi Tom and Kels!!!
    I love this site and am ridiculously jealous of your adventures since Sayulita rolled by – that is, except for the dodgy cop bribing. You think the tourist police would bloody well make the tourists feel comfortable rather than skam them for dosh. Well done to you both for screwing him right back!
    No such fun and games from this end of the globe. Will check in again soon to catch up on your antics.
    keep safe and smile more than you need to,
    Elise xx

  4. kels’s avatar

    Elise! The red haired crazy Aussie gal…so good to hear from you and we are super glad you stopped by. The police are ridiculously corrupt but we are just proud to make it out without paying a bribe in Mexico!

    How is your law course getting on?