Puerto Escondido

So we have been rocking it in Puerto Escondido for almost two weeks…you might say the waves have a hold on Tom. He’s been getting up around 6AM every morning to head out surfing with Derek, the guy who owns the place we are renting. I, on the other hand, am NOT up at 6AM not only because early mornings make me feel ill but because these waves are huge and scary. We have seen so many people coming out of the water with surfboards snapped clear in two! Derek broke his board in half last week…that does seem to keep the faint-hearted away from these waves.

The main beach, where many surf tournaments take place is called Zicatela. It is massive and is known as a “back-breaker”. Gee…can you imagine why I have chosen not to go in the water?

To the left of Zicatela is La Punta (good name “The Point”) which is another main surf break. If Zicatela is misbehaving the locals all head out here and surf all day long. It is a bit crazy to watch as the take off is right in front of some serious looking rocks. I just about freaked out one day last week when Tom fell right in front of them luckily he was fine as usual. On smaller days it can be an okay spot to learn but I think (after getting caught in a big set) it is a bit strong when you are new to the water.

Here is Tom surfing – early morning at La Punta (sorry the quality is not so great)

Surfing La Punta, Puerto Escondido from Kels M on Vimeo.

I did manage to catch one little wave one day last week at La Punta which was pretty fun. Tom was yelling at me to paddle and then a local surfer was yelling the same thing in Spanish which was just a bit distracting but it must have done something as I managed to get myself up and on the wave. YAY! Right…now I have to try and do it again.

Another great beach just to relax and swim in Playa Carrazalillo. It is beautiful and reminds me of some of the beaches I saw in Asia. It has a couple of shacks selling food and drinks as well as a couple of board rental places. It can be a good place to try surfing on long boards…we did see a couple of people catching waves the last time we were there.

The people here are all really friendly and chilled out. The vibe is pretty laid-back and surfing is the lifestyle here..in fact we heard that the kids got a day off school to surf because the waves were so good! There is a pretty large gringo population but, like Sayulita, everyone seems to get along ok.

There is some serious road construction going on on the main highway here as well as the main road by the beach. The way work is done is pretty shocking and, to the westerner’s eye, more than dangerous but somehow they manage to get things fixed up..well for a few years at least.

And Tom has been busily trying to fit in with the Mexicans here…the “roll my t-shirt over my tummy it is so hot” look really seems to suit him.

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