Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and Tonala

We spent a quiet 5 days in Tonala while we did a little shopping for Mexican crafts. Tonala is a suburb of Guadalajara where many artisans reside. Thursday and Sunday are the market days and the market is MASSIVE. Pretty much all the streets are filled with vendors selling everything from leather wallets to huge ceramic pots. You really have to search to find quality items but it can be a lot of fun. You can find interior decorating treats like this:

Why go basic when you can have patterns on your toilet?

Why go basic when you can have patterns on your toilet?

Tlaquepaque is a higher end district with nice restaurants and artist boutiques. We did shop around here and I found tonnes of cool things to buy but they all came with a large price tags so we admired instead!

We stayed in a nice hotel called Hacienda del Sol. The staff were super helpful and it was well-priced. The little cafe located inside has surprisingly inexpensive but tasty meals. This was an added bonus as there were not too many places to eat after 6pm in Tonala due to the fact that most Mexicans eat their main meal at 3pm. Either way it is a great little place to stay for a few days.

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    Those toilets are amazing! I want one!