Surfing in Sayulita

I think this is my new favourite beach place in Mexico. Located about 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta this small surf town really has it all. We were told that the town was discovered by both foreigners and Mexicans and somehow they have managed to maintain a good relationship since day one which makes the town a very happy and inviting place.

We stayed in a casita off the beach with a great view, a/c (YAY!) and a kitchen. It really was pretty perfect. Since we hit Sayulita in low season the rates are really good…sometimes less that half of what high season rates are and, of course, the longer you stay the better rate you’ll receive so ask!

The beach right out front is the perfect place to try surfing. Warm water and small waves combined with the right attitude makes it a great spot. I was so excited to see it as I am still working on the whole “surfing” thing. Most the people out there are newbies so it makes for a pretty friendly environment. I managed to get up on my board there quite a few times before our time there was finished.

Lining the beach are bungalows, hotels, surf shops and little eateries. The one great thing about all the tourists is that food choices are plentiful – from tacos to Mediterranean plates with olives and hummus (hmmmmmm)! Back in town a bit there is a place called “Robert’s Bakery” and Robert himself is worth the visit. A little sassy New Orleans accent and divine mango cheesecake makes for a great end to any evening.

We spent two weeks here surfing and chilling out. I know our life is really hard. We met a nice gal named Kelly from Oregon and her boyfriend Chris. Chris is a pretty serious surfer and he had managed to scope out a lot of the local spots early on. He was kind enough to take Tom and I are around to quite a few of the local surf spots which was great for Tom as the beginner beach was well…not his cup of tea. Being out in bigger waves was good for me too and it definitely increased my paddling skills since I had to try and keep up with two guys.

We also met two very cool Aussie chicks Elise and Jess and a couple, Tony and Caroline, from Denver whom we spent a bit of time with playing (cheating at) cards and partaking in more than a few drinks.

Sayulita was the break we needed after finishing out work project and it truly was the perfect destination to relax. I think we could get very used to it….

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