Maxing and Relaxing in Mazatlan

Mazatlan was great…actually I think it was so great because we had just spent 18 hours on a ferry from La Paz and cabin fever was setting in. After orienting ourselves and driving in a few circles we made our way to old Mazatlan and looked at a few hotels. Unfortunately the bed and breakfast we wanted to stay at was closed so we checked out a few other hotels in the area. They were pretty dingy and no one wanted to budge on the cost of sleeping in a dingy room. Tom and I decided that we needed to look around a bit more. On the road beside the Malecon we spotted a small sign for the Mazatlan Oceanfront Inn. Tom decided to stop and ran in for a look, I had already assumed it was out of our price range. Tom came out with a big grin and happily announced that we had a great place to stay within our budget. The Mazatlan Oceanfront Inn is definitely someplace we will return to.

Once settled in we spent our days doing the following:

  • Biking the streets of old Mazatlan
  • Drinking cucumber lemonade at Pura Vida…the best drinks ever. We had about 6 of them in 4 days.
  • We spent a morning (a good 5 hours) fishing for Dorado with Jim. We managed to catch three of them each between 12 -15 pounds. It was loads of fun but the best part was that I did not have to pee over the side of the boat as there was no bathroom on board! Thanks Jim!

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